Our clinic and services

Animal Care Center is a full-service veterinary hospital providing a wide range of services. We have three exam rooms, a treatment/dental suite, a surgery center, a full service laboratory, a pharmacy, and radiology, ultrasound, grooming and boarding facilities.

Preventative medicine is usually sought once a puppy or kitten is obtained. We recommend checking for internal parasites and vaccinations based on the pet’s intended lifestyle. In other words, why vaccinate for a disease that the pet will never encounter? That would be like you getting a yellow fever shot. Not really a risk, is it?

Diagnostic work-ups are based on your pet’s history and the physical exam. We understand that most pets are not covered by insurance and therefore we try to avoid unnecessary testing. We use our doctor’s experience and test progressively if needed, checking for what is commonly expected first, then testing for other conditions. This can be done if your pet’s health is not compromised in the process.

Dental cleanings and tooth extractions are part of our services. Surgery offered ranges from routine neutering and spaying to having a visiting specialist perform referral surgery in our own facility. On-site radiology and surprisingly affordable ultrasound services are also available.

Feel free to contact our staff if you have any questions regarding the services we offer.