Understanding the Pet’s Vision

Our staff prides themselves in being keenly aware of what your pet takes in when they arrive at our hospital. By training our staff to put themselves in the patients’ “shoes,” our technicians and receptionists are always keeping in mind everything each particular animal will be sensing, whether it is what they smell, see, hear or touch.

We aim to maintain a “home” setting at the Animal Care Center of Hays County to allow pets to feel more relaxed and content during their visit. We believe that humans, as well as animals, suffer from “white coat syndrome,” so we make a tremendous effort to shy away from the industrial-hospital environment. By encouraging interpersonal relationships not only with our patients but with their owners as well, we are able to create an atmosphere of a friendly visit for all involved.

Occasionally, there is the fearful patient who doesn’t adjust well to being away from their own surroundings. We strive to achieve a minimal-stress interaction by setting up special appointments and using more isolated examination rooms that are far away from the busier sections of the hospital. One of the biggest pieces of advice we offer to owners who have nervous pets is to try and see the visit from the animal’s point of view when it comes down to going to the veterinarian.

Complying with the Owner’s Vision

The most important traits that we want to have as a clinic are to be trustworthy and approachable in any situation. This includes being at our clients’ disposal to answer questions about the pet’s medical needs and contacting our doctor personally after hours for health advice. Our compassionate nature allows our doctor and his staff to be sympathetic when dealing with the unfamiliar information concerning an ill animal and the financial burden that it encompasses.

Simply put, we at ACC want to be a part of your pet’s family and help our clients in any way we can. It is always understood that the owner sets the path in which we will move forward to give the pet top-of-the-line health care without breaking the bank.

Our Vision

First and foremost, our primary objective is to provide the best care possible for each individual animal. All of our staff enjoy working with animals and have a love for animals that greatly extends from the love they have for their own pets. Dr. Jorgensen carries the mentality that each animal is an individual and is more than willing to amend yearly protocols that fit the specific pet’s needs. Due to our veterinarian’s extensive knowledge in vaccinations, it is common to see us veer away from regimented yearly schedules and we feel that in the course of time a pet requires less of the “specific vaccinations.”

By keeping our inventory pricing as low as possible, it is easy for clients to schedule appointments comfortably. We encourage every owner to do price comparisons with any facility. The use of experience over random testing and analysis puts Dr. Jorgensen ahead of the curve in terms of skills and keeping our clients’ costs as low as possible.