Upper respiratory infection

At-home respiratory infection care

A majority of upper respiratory infections are virally induced. The only real cure is supporting the body so that the body can mount an immune response, similar to how your body fights the common cold. To assist in your pet’s recovery there is much that you can do at home in a nursing sense.

The secretions the body creates in response to a respiratory virus must be expelled from the respiratory tract. To aid the body, the more moisture present the easier it will be for the secretions to be moved. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you confine your pet to one room and have a steam vaporizer running. The extra moisture will help the body expelled mucus created. To reduce the amount of mucus, it is recommended that you add a liquid menthol (Kazz or Vick’s) to the water. The menthol is soothing to the respiratory tree.

To further assist your pet’s body we recommend that you also added nasal decongestant to the home treatments. We advise you to use “Little Noses Decongestant” with a drop applied to each nostril every few hours. This helps dry up the nasal secretions.

There are additional medicines that can be used if there is a limited response to the above suggestions, but we ask that you call our office for guidance as to medicines and proper dosage. Remember, this is a viral infection and it takes the body some time to mount an immune response.