Surgery cases & costs

There are a number of factors involved in determining the cost of a surgical procedure. The body and its functions are complex, and surgical procedures are not something simple like changing a part on a car. Many unknowns may be involved, such as the amount of destruction encountered, the blood supply to the area, and the location of the procedure. These things can’t be accurately determined by an exam and diagnostic procedures, and can only be discovered fully during surgery.

Therefore we will do our best to give you an accurate estimate based on what we have encountered in the past. If the procedure requires more time than average or uses more materials than usual, these are costs that could alter the estimate. Conversely if the procedure is shorter then usual, there will be a reduction in price.

The price charged is not all-inclusive. The recovery period varies from animal to animal. We are dealing with a live animal that may be hard to control or may chew at its incision. There may also be metal hardware that may require removal. We do not charge for suture removal. Subsequent medications, sedations, or surgeries are not included in the price. State law prevents us from a providing a guarantee.

We do our best to make your pet as comfortable as possible. The variable of dealing with a live animal and how their body responds makes it difficult to rule out the need for subsequent visits. You can help =”reduce the variables by restricting your pets’ activity during the recovery phase and call our office if you notice any abnormalities. Please see the page on surgery instructions, linked below, for important information on how you can care for your pet before and after surgery.

Surgery instructions